Radio network optimization pdf

SON has been codified within 3GPP Release 8 and subsequent specifications in a series of standards including 36. 902, as well as public white papers outlining use cases from the NGMN. Newly added base stations should be self-configured in line with a “plug-and-play” paradigm while all operational base stations will regularly self-optimize radio network optimization pdf and algorithmic behavior in response to observed network performance and radio conditions. Furthermore, self-healing mechanisms can be triggered to temporarily compensate for a detected equipment outage, while awaiting a more permanent solution.

Self-organizing networks are commonly divided into three major architectural types. This implies a certain degree of localization of functionality and is normally supplied by the network equipment vendor manufacturing the radio cell.

OSS, to allow a broader overview of more edge elements and coordination of e. Due to the need to inter-work with cells supplied by different equipment vendors, C-SON systems are more typically supplied by 3rd parties.

Hybrid SON is a mix of centralized and distributed SON, combining elements of each in a hybrid solution. Self-organizing network functionalities are commonly divided into three major sub-functional groups, each containing a wide range of decomposed use cases.

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