Rainfall runoff modelling using hec hms pdf

What do you think about Springer Nature and its family of journals? Tell us in our 10 minute survey. Streamflow estimation was performed on the basis of an hourly scale.

3 while the IHACRES is Java-based version model. By contrast, the lumped model IHACRES was also applied, based on hourly rainfall and temperature data.

Both models were calibrated and validated using the observed streamflow data set collected at Al-Za’atari discharge station. The performance of IHACRES showed some weaknesses, while the flow comparison between the calibrated streamflow results fits well with the observed streamflow data in HEC-HMS.

Sincere thanks go to all members of the GSMaP project for providing the GSMaP dataset. Single event watershed model for simulating runoff hydrograph in desert regions.

The role of desalination in bridging the water gap in Jordan. GIS-hydrological models for managing water resources in the Zarqa River basin. Combining GIS with multicriteria decision making for siting water harvesting ponds in Northern Jordan. Jordan’s water resources—Supply and future demand.

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