Rich dad financial statement pdf

The purpose of this Personal Financial Financial Cashflow Statements Blog is to provide an individual with the means and knowledge to budget and track ones financial condition on an ongoing basis so one can know the financial direction they are heading and change it, if not desireable, quickly. That means not waiting to retirement to see rich dad financial statement pdf one doesn’t have the financial resources to survive, let alone live comfortably or rich.

Here is the 2014 Revision. FS2013 file from last year.

If you didn’t use last year’s version ignore the message, but if you did, make sure it is in the same directory. Purpose: The purpose of this Financial Spreadsheet is to provide an individual the means to budget and track one’s financial condition on one page. Financial Statement that provides a snapshot of the cashflow and tracking of it from month to month, and way to track financial indicators beside net worth. However, most of the financial software packages don’t define assets and liabilities like Kiyosaki does.

That is assets put money in your pocket and liabilities take money out of your pocket. This spreadsheet uses those definitions. First go to the instructions page. Any feedback or enhancement suggestions would be appreciate.

Here is the 2013 revision. I just recently have updated my Financial Statement Spreadsheet for 2012. FS2011 file from last year.

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