Sap hana smart data access pdf

As most data sources supported by SAP HANA are all database, the procedure of installation and configuration is similar. But for Hadoop data sap hana smart data access pdf, something is different.

As a distributed data processing platform, Hadoop usually store data in HDFS file system, or in NoSQL database HBase which is also usually based on HDFS. However, both of HDFS and HBase don’t support ODBC protocol. So we need another member of Hadoop family  to solve this problem, it is Hive. Hive implements SQL interface for HDFS and HBase, and HiveODBC driver is also provided.

In this blog, we’ll talk about how does SDA access the Hadoop data through Hive. Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop version 2. Including Apache Hadoop version 1. 3 and Apache Hive 0.

Although there’s only one version in the official supported version list, the experiment of this blog shows that SDA can also access the data stored in ordinary Apache version of Hadoop. The experiment of this blog build up a Hadoop cluster containing 3 nodes, and the version of Hadoop and Hive is : Apache Hadoop 1. 1 and Apache Hive 0. As the guide of deploying Hadoop and Hive can be easily found in internet, we don’t discuss it here.

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