Save html page as pdf chrome

Chrome offers various extensions that simplify dealing with PDF documents. Some simplify PDF reading in your Gmail save html page as pdf chrome, for instance.

These tools directly add PDF documents to the Cloud and use GViewer to display PDF forms so that you don’t have to download and view them. Other extensions allow you to save a webpage in PDF format after editing, while a third category of extensions allows direct online PDF form filling. This is much more convenient in comparison to filling a PDF form offline.

Another interesting extension category for Chrome is PDF bookmarking. This type of extension is essential when you’re reading a lengthy PDF and you have to stop in the middle of it.

In this case, you can save the bookmark and then open the PDF in Google Docs later and start reading from where you left off. The extensions that allow you to download web pages in PDF format will save you the trouble of opening the page in your browser. Instead, pages will be opened in the PDF viewer and then you can edit them using the extension.

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