So you want to be president pdf

This article is about George W. Bush’s so you want to be president pdf unconventional use of English.

For his political ideologies, see Political positions of George W. For his various foreign policy principles, see Bush Doctrine.

Bushisms” are unconventional statements, phrases, pronunciations, malapropisms, and semantic or linguistic errors in the public speaking of former President of the United States George W. The term has become part of popular folklore and is the basis of a number of websites and published books.

It is often used to caricature the former president. Bush’s use of the English language in formal and public speeches has spawned several books that document the statements. A poem entitled “Make the Pie Higher”, composed entirely of Bushisms, was compiled by cartoonist Richard Thompson.

Various public figures and humorists, such as Jon Stewart of The Daily Show and Garry Trudeau, creator of the comic strip Doonesbury, have popularized some more famous Bushisms. Nearly a decade after George W. Bush said “misunderestimated” in a speech, Philip Hensher called the term one of his “most memorable additions to the language, and an incidentally expressive one: it may be that we rather needed a word for ‘to underestimate by mistake’.

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