Striking back the trigeminal neuralgia and face pain handbook pdf

Jannetta procedure, is a striking back the trigeminal neuralgia and face pain handbook pdf procedure used to treat trigeminal neuralgia, a pain syndrome characterized by severe episodes of intense facial pain, and hemifacial spasm. Nicholas Andre first described trigeminal neuralgia in 1756.

In 1891 Sir Victor Horsley proposed the first open surgical procedure for the disorder involving the sectioning of preganglionic rootlets of the trigeminal nerve. Walter Dandy in 1925 was an advocate of partial sectioning of the nerve in the posterior cranial fossa. During this procedure he noted compression of the nerve by vascular loops, and in 1932 proposed the theory that trigeminal neuralgia was caused by compression of the nerve by blood vessels, typically the superior cerebellar artery.

With the advent of the operative microscope, Peter J. Jannetta was able to further confirm this theory in 1967 and advocated moving the offending vessel and placing a sponge to prevent the vessel from returning to its native position as a treatment for trigeminal neuralgia.

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