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Earlier this week The Sufferfest sufferfest training plan pdf out a pretty significant change to its indoor trainer app. The platform has been around for a number of years, but has really honed its focus in the last 1-2 years and reinvented itself. All of which is then used with their included training plans and videos to give you more specific targets for workouts.

Said differently, it’s becoming more like a coach than just an app with exciting videos and workout targets. Sufferfest’ for the remainder of this post.

With that, let’s get started. Now, there’s a lot of concepts behind the whole 4DP thing, as well as some marketing claims made. I’m going to attempt to step through many of them. Remember, FTP is generally defined as your peak power output for roughly one hour.

There are different ways to test it, but like politics, everyone thinks their way is best. FTP is dead’ notion may sound like hyperbole, many platforms already agree with this. Various companies and entities have been doing bucketization for quite some time.

For example, we saw Xert do this within their training platform, and WKO4 within theirs. Coaches and organizations have been doing this type of stuff for years as well. Anyway, back to the 4DP part. The 4DP refers to these four specific power profiles, which they discuss in more detail in this video:As you can see above in my awesomely created animated GIF, the different buckets are formed from specific max powers for given timeframes within this single test.

Using a single number that’s basically how long you can hold wattage for an hour doesn’t translate as well as multiple data points. And the industry has largely agreed here for a while. But to say FTP is dead?

Full Frontal test still includes an FTP test within it, and one of the four buckets is very much still labeled FTP. Using FTP as a number is less important now, but not dead yet! Their goal is to show that two people can have the same FTP, yet vastly different power profiles. And tons of past research by many people agrees with this.

The whole point of 4DP and what Sufferfest is doing is to then give you very specific guidance for your training. Actual workouts with an actual training plan, based on these data points. And that’s super critical to understand. The same with Golden Cheetah.

Within any of these apps there are then some apps that provide specific coaching-style recommendations, plans, and workouts. Can they do it in a multi-level way like Sufferfest and Xert does? No, not today, and that’s fine.

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