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Bunnymen sugar lips pdf download was released in August 1987. It was the second single from their 1987 eponymous album.

It reached number 36 on the UK Singles Chart and number 24 on the Irish Singles Chart. The B-side to the 7-inch single is a track called “Rollercoaster”. The US 12-inch single had the same A-side as the British 12-inch single with two other mixes of the title track on the B-side.

Lips Like Sugar” was produced by Laurie Latham, “Rollercoaster” was produced by The Bunnymen and Gil Norton and “People Are Strange” was produced by Ray Manzarek. The 7-inch single was also available in a limited edition boxed packaging containing the single and three postcards. The 12-inch single and the boxed 7-inch single had the same picture on the front covers as the standard edition 7-inch single. A photo gallery accompanied by audio of Coldplay performing “Lips Like Sugar” live in Paris is included on their 2002 DVD single “The Scientist”.

This audio track was also included on the Australian release of their 2003 single “God Put a Smile upon Your Face”. Seal recorded a version of the song featuring the reggae singer Mikey Dread for the soundtrack of the 2004 film 50 First Dates. The Smashing Pumpkins covered “Lips Like Sugar” on their 2008 Europe and Australian tour.

A performance of the song was recorded on Australia’s MTV. All there is to know”. The Ultimate Echo and the Bunnymen Resource”. What Are You Going to Do with Your Life?

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Sugar Daddy is a candy bar on a stick manufactured by Tootsie Roll Industries that is essentially a block of moderately hard caramel.

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