Surah al maryam pdf

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Theodor Nöldeke’s chronology identifies this sura as the 58th sura delivered, while the traditional Egyptian chronology places it as the 44th. The sura opens with the Bismillah and five Arabic letters: Kaf Ha Ya ‘Ayn Sad. The remaining 97 ayat can be divided into three primary sections. The first section, verses 2-40, consists of the narrative of the prophet Zachariah and the birth of his son John, the story of Mary and the birth of her son Jesus, and a commentary on Jesus’s true identity which rejects the Christian claim that he is God’s son.

The second section, verses 41-65, tells of Abraham’s departure from his family’s idolatrous ways and then references many other prophets. The third section, verses 66-98, confirms the reality of resurrection and offers depictions of the Day of Judgment alongside depictions of this life. In its original Arabic, the text of sura 19 progresses through a series of varying rhyme structures that correspond to the content being discussed. Throughout the initial narration of the stories of Zachariah and John, Mary and Jesus, and other prophets, verses rhyme based on the syllable ‘ya’.

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