The holstee manifesto pdf

A framework to help you build meaningful communities. We have the holstee manifesto pdf the last 15 years building and participating in communities and found tremendous joy in them.

And we have come to realize that while every community is as unique as the humans in it, many of them share a similar, underlying structure. Based on our own experience and with the generous help of leading community builders, we have identified the first version of this structure and turned it into an openly accessible framework: the Community Canvas. We hope this will provide a template for people to build more meaningful communities and bring as much joy to your lives as communities have brought to ours! We provide worksheets to make the questions actionable.

In future versions we’re going to include case studies for each theme. All Community Canvas documents are released under Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA 4. The Canvas and its 3 Sections in a nutshell.

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