The home distiller”s workbook pdf download

XP, 32 the home distiller’s workbook pdf download and 64 bit editions. Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it. You can choose your language settings from within the program. I wanted to make Tennessee Whiskey and Kentucky Bourbon is not much different its just a slightly different recipe and you miss out one of the steps that you would use when making the Tennessee Whiskey.

A lot of my friends drink Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and I already have built a still, the instructable is here for how I built it, you will need one like this which is a Pot Still. The point is I was looking for a project to keep me busy and even though I don’t drink JD my self I thought I would have a stab at making it my self just for the challenge. Tennessee Whiskey but I wanted JD so I spent over a  month most of my evenings looking in to how to make it and trying to find as much information about JD’s actual method and I found various articles and video snippets with fragments of information from people who work at the JD Distillery. Thanks to that information I have gathered I have come up with a way to produce this my self at home as close to how they make it as is practically possible for my self.

Just a bit of a heads up because I wanted to document this so well I have taken tons of pictures, so there is a lot of images but I am hoping that wont be a bad thing as they are all good quality. This instructable is the result of a few months of research, over 2 months of experimenting, a botched attempt or 2 and a fair sum of money just to get it right and i don’t even drink the stuff! You don’t have to spend a lot of money your self to make it, the ingredients and the process does not cost a lot if you have the equipment already, but I had to do a few runs and I spent a fair bit extra to put it in nice bottles and present it well which can be great for gifts. I would also like to thank the help of the guys over at www.

Cracked Corn also known as kibbled corn or kibbled maize. I got mine from a feed store online which you can see the details in the picture, I’m in the UK so this was the only place I could get it.

Rye, I used rye flakes as thats what I could get hold of, in an ideal world you would use ground rye, but i don’t have a grinder. Barley Malt, or Pale Malt which is the same thing. Barley Malt by putting barley in to a cloth sack and submerging it in water for a few days and letting it sprout then removing it when the shoots are about 1 inch long, dry it then grind it.

2 yeasts that can be used as well one called Tennessee Whiskey Yeast and the other is American Bourbon Yeast. UK you can use the wilkinsons wine yeast which is EC-1118 even though it doesnt say that it is, i emailed them to find out and it is EC-1118. The amounts of these vary depending on what you are making so have a look at the recipe’s on the next step. Sugar Maple Charcoal, or sugar maple chips which you can make in to charcoal which I will show you later in this instructable.

Kentucky Bourbon you wont be needing this as its not filtered through Charcoal. I had to use maple chips and make my own charcoal, in the UK sugar maple is VERY hard to get hold of and expensive when you can get it. I got mine on ebay.

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