The little book of energy medicine pdf

This is the latest accepted revision, the little book of energy medicine pdf on 2 December 2017. Proponents aim to improve the standard of living for people who are overweight or obese by promoting healthy lifestyles and anti-discrimination efforts.

Generally, these efforts do not include weight loss as a direct goal. Although evidence links obesity and being overweight to a number of health problems, HAES advocates argue that traditional interventions focused on weight loss, such as dieting, do not reliably produce positive health outcomes. The benefits of lifestyle interventions such as nutritious eating and exercise are presumed to be real, but independent of any weight loss they may cause.

At the same time, HAES advocates espouse that sustained, large-scale weight loss is difficult to the point of effective impossibility for the majority of obese people. HAES proponents believe that health is a result of behaviors that are independent of body weight and that favouring being thin discriminates against the overweight and the obese. Efforts towards such weight loss are instead held to cause rapid swings in size that inflict far worse physical and psychological damage than would obesity itself. As part of the wider fat acceptance movement, HAES includes also a significant social and psychological dimension.

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