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1 Selling Cold Laser Worldwide, the The wealth choice free pdf Solo for the lowest permitted price. We also offer Used Cold Lasers to help you save even more. We Know Cold Lasers Best! The ultimate in affordable, natural, quality skin care phototherapy equipment.

One of the Largest and Most Powerful Clinical Lasers! For Pain RELIEF, injury repair, anti-aging, and cell rejuvenation. DISCOVER Cold Laser Products for health, healing and rejuventaion. For a Free Consultation Call Toll Free 1-888-824-7558.

Low Level Lasers: rapid healing, pain management, carpal tunnel, skin and wrinkle care, weight control, smoking cessation and much more. Cold lasers are completely safe, have been used around the world for over 40 years with no reports of injury and are easy to use. Often referred to as Cold Lazer. Due to the high cost of shipping certain very heavy items we can not pay the shipping for you.

We are committed to providing cutting-edge technologies and health supplies with courteous service at competitive prices. We pledge to always offer the most advanced products in the areas of cold lasers and health supplies to enhance the success and performance of professionals, individuals, businesses and Corporations. In our warehouses we stock all products offered for immediate shipment.

Our shipping procedure is to send out immediately by USPS Priority Mail, Federal Express or by UPS. We specialize in shipping to any state. We have warehouses in multiple locations throughout the US. We service many customers from all over the United States including: New York, Florida, Chicago, Ohio, New Mexico, Texas, California, Oregon, Washington, Philadelphia, Illinoise, Arizona, Nevada and more.

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