Uninstall soda pdf windows 8

Unlike the previous version of Windows, Windows 10 doesn’t ship with the Reader app. In other words, in the previous version of Windows, we could easily read PDF documents without the help of uninstall soda pdf windows 8-party software.

The Reader app has been omitted from Windows 10 for unknown reasons. In Windows 10, the new Microsoft Edge reader is the default app to open PDF files but that you can change the default PDF reader to a third-party software. Although the new Edge browser allows you open and view PDF files, a dedicated app would have been nice.

Since almost all major web browsers support PDF files and allow you view PDF files within the browser, most users will never need to install a dedicated PDF reader to open and view PDF files. There are plenty of PDF viewers available but most users prefer using Adobe PDF Reader. Windows Store as its good on both desktop as well as touch devices, many of you might want to download Adobe PDF Reader only.

That said, if you’re on touch device, Adobe Reader touch is certainly the best free PDF reader app out there for Windows 10 as it offers more features compared to the Reader app. If you often need to view PDF files, you can download Adobe Reader Touch, or the desktop version of Adobe PDF reader, or the official Reader app. Go for Adobe Reader Touch if are running Windows 10 on a tablet, phone or any other touch device. Adobe Reader Touch is developed for devices that supports touch inputs but supports traditional desktops as well.

Although the official Reader app is not available in Windows 10, one can install the app from the Windows Store. Its simple user interface makes it one of the best free PDF reader apps out there for Windows 10. The desktop version of Adobe PDF Reader is probably the most downloaded PDF reader application for Windows.

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