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Ministry of Labour and Employment. Content Owned by Union Public Service Commission, New Delhi, India. As the APWU’s top officer, the President is responsible for all of the operations of the national union.

The Executive Vice President is the second-highest-ranking officer in the American Postal Workers Union, and is responsible for assisting the president in the administration of the union. The Secretary-Treasurer acts as the union’s chief financial officer and serves local unions, state affiliates, officers, and members in many ways. The Director of Industrial Relations is charged with responsibility for labor management, national negotiations, mechanization, safety and health for all divisions of the union, and the administration of the collective bargaining agreement. The Legislative and Political Department helps advance the union’s cause on Capitol Hill and keeps the APWU members informed about important issues and legislative developments.

The Organization Department helps strengthen the APWU at the local, state and national level by recruiting new members. Education Department coordinates the union’s research and educational programs, and serves as a clearinghouse for information on labor studies. There’s more to being a progressive union than achieving and enforcing a contract — and that’s where the Human Relations Department comes in. Our programs and benefits inspire members to participate in the union and give them a sense of inclusion, contribution, and ownership.

Program, and has been protecting APWU members, retirees and federal employees since 1960. The APWU Retirees Department is the voice of retired APWU members — within the union and on Capitol Hill.

The Clerk Division is the largest division of the American Postal Workers Union and represents the largest craft in the U. The Maintenance Craft is a diverse and complex division of the APWU. The Motor Vehicle Craft is composed of APWU members who transport mail and maintain postal vehicles, and includes MVS Clerks, who work in Vehicle Maintenance Facilities and in Transportation Departments in mail processing plants.

Accounting Service Centers, Operating Services facilities, Mail Equipment Shops and Material Distribution Centers, as well as professional nurses employed by the Postal Service. The Division also includes APWU-represented workers who are employed in the private sector, including mail haul drivers and Mail Transport Equipment Service Center employees. The Central Region Coordinator is responsible for organizing the union’s activities in 13 central states.

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