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For more information about the W3C website, see the Webmaster FAQ. Over the years Web Intelligence has been evolved to a mature product with many capabilities.

This has been leading to challenges in developing documents that are performing. Well performing documents are key for the success of your user adoption, as they expect fast response times. The design of Web Intelligence documents should match the behavior of Web Intelligence engines to ensure well performing documents, leading to happy end users. Note: The provided recommendations and best practices are not version specific, however it could be that some features mentioned within this document may not be in your version.

If you like to receive notifications on updates, you can select the ‘Follow’ option at the top right of this document. If there are best practices or tips you would like to see added, please inform us via the comments section at the bottom and we will evaluate them to be included. The list of recommendations is a consolidated list coming from various parties within SAP, including: Development, Support, Services and Product Experts. Many thanks to all whom have been and will be contributing in this list.

From this list we have created a slide deck as well with equal bullet points. The Slide Deck will be updated periodically after this. NOTE:  This document is based on the same content as Tips for Optimizing the Performance of Web Intelligence Documents and although some content is overlapping, both documents contain tips and best practices that can help you optimize your Web Intelligence documents.

Whereas this document is a high level overview of general best practices, the above document will provide more detailed tips on how you can optimize your Web Intelligence documents for Performance. For each JAR file within an applet, it will run this revocation check.

With the initial releases of BI4. Additionally, the internet connection speed plays a major factor. JAR files on a revocation of it’s certificate, the load time can be negatively impacted by several minutes.

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