When you give a mouse a cookie pdf

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is a classic children’s book written by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond first published in 1985. Described as a “circular tale”, it is Numeroff and Bond’s first collaboration in what when you give a mouse a cookie pdf to be the If You Give series. A boy gives a cookie to a mouse.

The mouse asks for a glass of milk. Next he wants to take a nap, have a story read to him, draw a picture, and hang the drawing on the refrigerator. Looking at the refrigerator makes him thirsty, so the mouse asks for a glass of milk. The circle is complete when he wants a cookie to go with it.

Author Laura Numeroff has often said in interviews that the idea for the story came to her during a long car trip she took with a friend from San Francisco to Oregon. She narrated it as they drove and later wrote it down.

Felicia Bond to illustrate it. The text was interpreted by illustrator Felicia Bond to show the increasing energy of the mouse, with the little boy being run ragged by the end of the story. The art was praised by School Library Journal for its “meticulous attention to detail”, and was executed with vibrant colors of blended pencil in a complex process of layering magenta, cyan, yellow, and black on separate sheets, which were then assembled during printing. Bond describes rushing to get the sketches done before leaving town with her boyfriend and that the energy of the mouse evolved from that excitement.

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